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    We value each team member regardless of experience or background. We invest in individuals who are hard-working, eager to learn, and open-minded. In a small team, everyone's contribution matters greatly, so everyone gets a chance to make important decisions and meaningful work. We don't believe in rules for the sake of rules and we trust team members to make wise decisions regarding how to allocate their time, where they work, how they want to work, what goals they should set for themselves, etc. We believe individuals are able to flourish when given the right incentives and trust. Come experience it for yourself!

  • Full Stack Engineer

    Job scope & descriptions

    • You will be responsible for designing and implementing a efficient, maintainable, secure Danacita.co.id.
    • You will be responsible for taking wireframes and user requirements, and implementing them for our user-facing product and our back office systems
    • You will be responsible for ensuring code quality and high test coverage, and we constantly simplify architecture and refactor technical debt
    • Our tech stack is: PostgreSQL, Node.js, React.js, Next.js. Knowledge of this stack is a plus point but not necessary during application

    What we are looking for:

    • 2+ years of development experience, and willingness to learn and experiment
    • Good knowledge of Node.js and React.js.
    • Strong frontend architecture knowledge: component decomposition and reuse. Knowledge of localization, build automation, server-side rendering, and progressive web apps is a PLUS.
    • Experience in designing and developing APIs and backend services on Relational and/or NoSQL databases. Strong understanding of database and schema design for performance and scale
    • Knowledge of Cloud Infrastructure such as AWS, GCP, OpenWhisk, and Linux as a production environment
    • Experience with Test-driven Development (Plus: knowledge of Jest, Mocha, Selenium, Nightmare.js)
    • Knowledge of software engineering practices (e.g. TDD, Git workflow, CI/CD, build automation, code reviews)
    • Good knowledge of computer science fundamentals (design patterns, architecture patterns)
  • DevOps Engineer

    Job scope & descriptions


    • You will be responsible for managing our infrastructure services running on top of various cloud providers (e.g. Alibaba Cloud, AWS, GCP, Redhat Openstack)
    • You will be responsible for designing and implementing a CI/CD pipeline (e.g. Gitlab, Jenkins etc) and maintaining fully automated dev, staging and prod environments
    • You will be responsible for developing infrastructure automation code (e.g. Ansible, Terraform, Chef)
    • You will be responsible for implementing infrastructure that auto-scales with demand (e.g. Serverless framework, EC2 autoscaling)
    • You will be responsible for implementing monitoring tooling (e.g. Graphana, Promotheus)
    • You will pair with team members on functional and nonfunctional requirements and execute the feature roadmap
    • Coordinate with cross-functional teams (Mobile, DevOps, Data, UX, QA) on planning and execution

    What we are looking for

    1. Strong background in Linux / Unix administration
    2. Deep knowledge of Cloud Infrastructure such as AWS, GCP, OpenWhisk, AlibabaCloud
    3. Experience with Automated Infrastructure Deployment (e.g. Docker, Kubernetes) and configuration management tools (e.g. Ansible, Terraform, Chef)
    4. Ability to understand and implement CI/CD pipelines, and automate Test Engineering (Gitlab, Jenkins, Travis CI experience are a plus)
    5. Experience with lean/XP development methods (TDD, Pair Programming, Scrum, Kanban, CI/CD)
    6. Experience with Git workflow within a team (pull and merge requests), with experience with Gitlab preferred
    7. Passion for quality and best practices but with a pragmatism that understands the balance between perfection and delivering value in timely manner
    8. Strong understanding of at least one backend language and its nuances (e.g. Java, Node.js, Go, Python, Ruby)
    9. [Optional] Experience building Queue infrastructure (e.g. RabbitMQ, Kong, etc) and Caching (e.g. Redis, etc)
  • Digital Growth Lead

    Job scope & descriptions

    • Plan and execute user acquisition, activation, engagement, retention initiatives;
    • Lead Dana Cita’s Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing efforts (Adwords, Google Display Network, Facebook + Instagram Ads) and incorporate advanced techniques (retargeting pixels, wifi-based retargeting);
    • Maintain and monitor ROI of campaigns, and iteratively implement new ideas to increase performance of digital campaigns;
    • Lead Dana Cita’s Search Engine Marketing (SEM) effort through keyword discovery, expansion and optimization, increasing conversion rates;
    • Optimize SEO of Dana Cita’s home page through SEO-heavy, unique content and meta-descriptions (e.g. robot.txt, sitemap, schema, microdata, pagespeed audit);
    • Optimize Dana Cita’s content-creation for SEO by working with editorial and marketing teams to drive SEO in content creation and content programming;
    • Lead SEO optimization for Dana Cita through establishing strategy for scalable backlink partnerships, link building efforts;
    • Maintain and monitor daily, weekly and monthly SERP metric monitoring and dashboards;
    • Perform regular audit (KPIs, ROIs) of SEO and Digital Marketing spend, terminating non-performing campaigns and prioritizing, scaling and automating performant growth channels;
    • Drive referral marketing and execute viral growth strategies;
    • Keep Dana Cita up-to-date with best practices in digital marketing, SEO techniques and web usability

    What we are looking for

    • Data-driven and analytical skills, experience with A/B and multivariate experiments;
    • Proven Digital Marketing experience with at least one major platform (Facebook, Adwords) with keen understanding of advanced techniques (retargeting pixel caching, wifi retargeting);
    • In-depth experience with website analytics tools (e.g. Google Analytics, NetInsight, Omniture, WebTrends)
    • Proven SEO experience and knowledge in SEO best practices, metrics and KPIs, and familiarity with SEO tools (Moz, Majestic, Keyword Planner, Ahrefs)
    • Exceptional story-telling and writing skills
    • Knowledge and experience with Google products, particularly Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner, Google Webmaster;
    • Strong understanding of search engine algorithms, SERP factors (on-page and off-page), link building;
    • Understanding of back-end SEO elements such as robots.txt, sitemap schema, microdata, pagespeed audit);
    • Prove knowledge of referral marketing strategies and execution methods;
    • Experience with growth hacking tools (e.g. Optimizely, Mailchimp, Zapier, Hubspot);
    • Working knowledge of HTML, CSS, search engine algorithms
  • Internship Opportunities

    Your Internship

    When you join us as an intern, we help you become the best you can be. Prepare to expand your repertoire and learn about startup company. Forget being snowed under or sitting behind a desk all day; from the very start, you will be actively involved in a fascinating project and develop constantly in the midst of our supportive, multifaceted team, as well as learn about life in fintech company

    Your Profile

    We are looking for:

    • Bachelor or Master students from any major with an excellent academic record and outstanding analytical skills.
    • Fresh graduate or currently enrolled in an accredited university/college program to receive credit
    • Proficient computer skills, including Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel)
    • Maximum 24 years old
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    • Self-directed and able to work without supervision
    • Energetic and eager to tackle new projects and ideas
    Send us your latest resume and tell us why you are interested in joining our internship program.
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